Cutting Boards and Butcher Blocks

There are three surfaces of every board which can be used - the FACE, EDGE and the END grain. My cutting boards and butcher blocks are made from the END grain. The cutting surface is made from end pieces of wood. End grain boards  are“self-healing” since the fibers close back up after the knife strikes the board.  This type of board is typically more expensive than the edge grain type, but is known to be more forgiving on knives.

samplesEdge Grain – The cutting surface is made from parallel fused pieces of wood from the edge.

Face grain – The board has one side that is wider than the other; the wider side is referred to as the face, as opposed to the edge.

End Grain – The cutting surface is made from end pieces of wood.

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry BoxMy custom jewelry boxes come with lift-away dividers or sliding box inserts.

You have your choice of felt liner color and number of inserts or lift-out trays.

Other Projects

I have made official-size chess boards, shadow boxes, kitchen islands and cremation (memory) boxes for pet cremains. The chess boards come with built-in drawers to house your chess pieces. The kitchen islands are made with or without drawers. Memory boxes can include an insert under the lid for you to add a favorite photo of your beloved pet who has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge. View them HERE.

Cutting Boards

End grain cutting boards to help you prepare meals in style!

Jewelry Boxes

Custom jewelry boxes for your personal keepsakes.

Other Projects

Chess boards, shadow boxes kitchen islands or memory boxes.